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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  10/23/2018  - National FFA Convention
  12/5/2018  - District Leadership Conference
DLC is a leadership event engaging all ages of FFA students to increase their knowledge of how to be a better leader; through activities, workshops, and lectures. Activities will be both individual based and group based. Workshops will help the kids to better understand themselves and how other people operate. Lectures will engage the kids in conversation and listening to stories. It will help chapters to get better leaders and participants. The event will begin at 8 A.M. and end around 2 P.M. 
  12/6/2018  - Weldon Valley Book Fair?
  6/4/2019  - State FFA Convention
State convention is a fun and exciting trip. You get to meet new people and hang out with all kinds of different people. There is multiple different sessions that are fun to attend and are a great learning experience. Awards are given at every session. You get to stay in dorm rooms that are pretty comfortable and spacious. Overall you get to learn a lot and you get to see the new state officers.
Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
  10/20/2018  - Fritzler's **NEEDS APPROVAL**
The FFA Chapter is going to be touring the Fritzler's Farm Corn Maze in October. Every year we will either go on a tour at Frizler's Corn Maze or Popes Farms. This year though we have decided that the chapter wants to see Frizler's. Going on one of these field trips is a great bonding experience for the FFA chapter as the new year gets started. 
  11/1/2018  - FFA Halloween Party
The FFA Chapter members will hold a Fall Festival Party to celebrate the season activities.  Members will play games together to increase their bonding.  Members will enjoy pizza, cookies, soda, and snacks.  Members will carve pumpkins and display their work to influence creative thinking and conversation with other members.
  5/29/2019  - *needs board approval-Elitches
The Weldon Valley FFA Chapter takes an annual trip to Elitch Gardens each summer to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage physical activity while having fun, and spending time as a chapter.
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  10/31/2018  - Manuscripts due Prepared Speeches
  11/7/2018  - Speaking contest

The Weld Central FFA will hold the District Creed Contest, the District Prepared Speaking Contest, and the  District Exempt Speaking Contest. Every school can bring two members to compete in each contest.

  3/13/2019  - Parliamentary Procedure Contest
  3/13/2019  - AG I Quiz Bowl Contest
`At quiz bowl a team of freshman travel to where the competition is taking place. They will than compete agenst teams from other schools. To compete they answer questions around through answering questions 
  4/3/2019  - District Career Development Events
District Career Development Events are used to create development and growth skills. They are also used to introduce students too different student form other districts in a competitive setting. Students will use skills later in their careers. The goal is to create useful skills to use in the future.
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  1/23/2019  - National Western Stock Show
National Western Stock Show is an experience about a western life style with rodeos and fairs, having fun and discovering new things, and enjoying time with friends and family.
  2/27/2019  - State Degree Workshop
  3/6/2019  - State Degree Review
  3/16/2019  - Weldon Valley Annual Craft Fair
Each year at the Weldon Valley Craft Fair, the ffa chapter has a booth that is ran by ffa members, selling projects made by ag students throughout the year.
  4/9/2019  - District Officer Elections
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
  2/18/2019  - AG In The Classroom
Ag in the classroom is an all day event that the members run and organize. We invite the elementary students to come down and learns about the farm and farm equipment. 
  2/20/2019  - 8th Grade Orientation

In 8th grade orientation we will be showing the youth about the great opportunities that FFA presents. We will be telling them how it can help them throughout high school, college, and even in adulthood.  

  5/5/2019  - State CDEs
They are held in fort collins. They help develop teamwork and compition skills that you can use later on in life. They help you be more career ready.
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
  3/23/2019  - MC REA Meeting
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
  1/29/2019  - Colorado Farm Show
the farm show runs 3 day we attened 1 of those days. it is where we go and see new farm equipent, talk to new venders, and licene to people talk.
Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
  2/22/2019  - Farmers Coffee
The chapter members and officers will prepare coffee, donuts, and homemade baked goods for the farmers to enjoy. This activity will allow officers, members, and farmers to meet and greet.
Building Communities - Economic Development
  3/14/2019  - **NEEDS APPROVAL** FFA Hired Hand Auction
Building Communities - Human Resources
Building Communities - Citizenship
  11/26/2018  - Fall Fundraiser
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
  2/19/2019  - Teacher Apretiation Breakfast
The chapter member and officers will prepare a breakfast for the staff to enjoy, and the chapter will give tokens gifts of appreication to the staff.
Chapter Officers:
Kirsten Wood
Ashley Wilkins
Kenndra Filter


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